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 Dig Inn Seasonal Market

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Hi Y’all! Welcome to the first of many posts starring my favorite finds in the Boston area! To let you all on a little secret, I’ve known about Dig Inn since it’s first store opened in 2011, since my cousin is the Founder & CEO of the company. There are about 15 locations total in New York City, Rye Brooke and Boston. Lucky for us Bostonians, this place was a total hit in the Sum of 2016, so we can expect to see two more openings in Downtown Crossing and the Prudential Center (yay)!

This photo was taken at Dig Inn- Midtown East 52nd Street in July 2014 during my first trip to NYC! My Israel birthright bff, Sam, is a huge advocate for hearty, healthy, clean eating. Once I told her about my cousin’s restaurant, she was eager to check it out!


Over the weekend I decided to stop in after attending a Health Works Body Pump class in Back Bay with my friend Brittany. I tend to go hard at fitness classes and need a pick-me-up pronto. For the past two months, I threw in the towel and consumed my last cup of joe. Now, you will find me religiously drinking matcha lattes (shout out to my friend Gabrielle) and hot brewed green tea.  This place is perfect because their baristas hand craft their matchas and give you the option to sweeten your beverage, unlike Starbucks, who just pumps in the sugar depending on the beverage size.

Pictured from left to right:

Matcha latte (1 sugar in the raw)

Seasonal vegetable frittata of the day (on a bed of greens)

Egg sandwich (over easy egg on a brioche w/ lemon zest ricotta)

What’s your favorite pick-me-up after workouts?

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